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Why we need Michael Jackson

If the elections in Iran have brought out the best in Twitter, Michael Jackson has brought out the worst.  His death June 25 unleashed a torrent of morbid celebrity gawking that brought Twitter to its knees.  (Ironically his death will … Continue reading

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Redbox delivers a social experience

If you haven’t heard of Redbox, you will soon. Redbox rents DVDs for $1 a day through more than 15,000 vending machines.  As reported by the Associated Press recently, Redbox is fast emerging as a rival to Netflix.  I’ve rented … Continue reading

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Zappos, Shaq, Whole Foods, Twitter, and you

On June 15 I was privileged to be a speaker at the O’Reilly Twitter Boot Camp (#OTBC) along with luminaries such as Tony Hsieh, Steve Rubel, Tim O’Reilly and Eric T. Peterson.  The purpose of the event was to swap … Continue reading

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Does winning matter in Major League Baseball?

Recently Forbes updated its ranking of the most valuable Major League Baseball teams from a financial standpoint.  The top 5 teams — the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs — had … Continue reading

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Multitouch technologies taking Razorfish by storm

Multitouch technologies like Microsoft Surface are taking Razorfish by storm.  Encouraged by the popularity of Wii and the iPhone, Razorfish user experience designers are creating new ways for people to communicate with applications on devices through body gestures like a … Continue reading

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