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Razorfish Scatter/Gather blog a cultural bond for employees

Who says a corporate blog has to be bland and impersonal? A group of Razorfish employees recently launched a blog known as Scatter/Gather, written for people who live in the somewhat esoteric world of content strategy — which is basically … Continue reading

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This is what brand love looks like

If you are a fan of the television program The Office, I don’t need to explain the photo above.  You have to hand it to the creators of The Office: how many television shows do you know of whose fans … Continue reading

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Art of the idea

In a recent blog post I mentioned that a recession is the right time to innovate.  Looks like BusinessWeek agrees.  The March 23-30 issue, “Game-Changing Ideas for Business,” highlights breakthrough business ideas that have emerged during tough times when companies … Continue reading

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Razorfish publishes 2009 Digital Outlook Report

The fifth annual Digital Outlook Report, published today by my employer Razorfish, feels more relevant than ever.  Razorfish issues the DOR to help marketers make smarter decisions about where to make their digital media spend.  And in a recession, marketers … Continue reading

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Amnesia Razorfish: sexy, social and successful

Recently Australia-based Amnesia Razorfish (part of the Razorfish global network) won the Adnews interactive agency of the year for the third consecutive year. As a Razorfish employee, I’m happy for my colleagues at Amnesia Razorfish (and of course for our … Continue reading

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U2 and the revenge of “old media”

Have you noticed U2’s gutsy distribution strategy for the newly released No Line on the Horizon? I don’t mean the predictable release of the album on MySpace prior to its March 3 launch in stores — but rather the heavy … Continue reading

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