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Do You Speak Emoji?

Next time you are on Twitter, check out emoji search by Google. If you tweet an emoji to Google’s Twitter account, Google will respond with suggestions of where to eat or what to do based on the content of your … Continue reading

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Snapchat and Ed Sheeran: 21st Century Radio

The phrase “music distribution” sounds boring. And yet music distribution is where brands inside and outside music can learn about innovation, as Ed Sheeran and Snapchat have demonstrated. A new Snapchat lens makes you appear as though you’re wearing a … Continue reading

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How DJ Khaled Uses Visual Storytelling to Sell His “Keys”

Even though album sales continue to decline, album cover art is more important than it was during the days when vinyl ruled the world. As I have discussed on my blog, today album cover art acts as a visual imprint … Continue reading

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Uber’s Future: Snapchat on Wheels

I recently received an invitation to check out some behind-the-scenes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story videos and watch cartoon images of Star Wars X-Wings fly through the streets of Chicago. There was only one catch: the experience was available … Continue reading

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Snap Makes a Run at Affluent Millennials

As soon as Snap Inc. announced the launch of its Spectacles video recording shades, the digerati began comparing Spectacles to Google Glass and pondering whether Spectacles would capture consumers’ imagination in ways Google Glass failed to do. But I don’t … Continue reading

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Snapchat and Vine: The Disruptor and Disrupted

Remember when Vine was cool and Snapchat was dirty? How quickly their fortunes have changed. Vine, once the darling of visual storytellers, is losing brands and attention, sinking in popularity on the app store. Meantime, Snapchat has overcome its reputation … Continue reading

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How Merriam-Webster Is Rocking Peach, the New Hotness for Content

My first friend on Peach, the new hybrid messaging/content-sharing app, was Merriam-Webster — a brand, mind you, not a person. Peach, launched January 8 by Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann, has created a firestorm on Twitter and attracted a blitz of … Continue reading

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Micro-Content and Visual Storytelling: Gary Vaynerchuk and Mike Corak Discuss 2014 Social Media Trends

Successful brands will figure out how to customize micro-content — especially visual stories — across disparate social networks. That’s a key take-away from the Econsultancy December 17 webinar, “The Top 8 Trends in Social Media: Opportunities for 2014.” conducted by … Continue reading

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