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Co-creation is the future of marketing

I recently wrote a blog post for the iCrossing Content Lab regarding the Raytheon Sum of All Thrills ride — an intriguing experience in which you build your own virtual ride using computer design tools provided by Raytheon. I was … Continue reading

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Why Amazon and Netflix don’t always know best

It’s far too easy to allow ourselves to be led around by the nose. Amazon tells us what to buy. Netflix and Pandora suggest movies and music based on our tastes. Facebook and Google+ suggest friends to us. Twitter tells … Continue reading

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Why marketers love bad boys

Why do bad boys and girls fascinate us? Why do people who thumb their noses at society and sometimes self-destruct capture the attention of marketing and business executives? I’ve been pondering these questions ever since I saw Dana Anderson of … Continue reading

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How Twitter united indie star AM with Razorfish

How does an emerging indie artist in the dysfunctional music industry find an audience anymore? My employer Razorfish is tackling that challenge through an unusual co-branding relationship with indie musician AM, which sees Razorfish playing the role of quasi-record label, … Continue reading

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How dead is the web?

With all the recent talk about the “death of the web,” you would think that consumers and marketers are abandoning the humble website like a jilted lover in favor of more attractive options like iPhone apps. And yet two recent … Continue reading

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How the NFL & Facebook build the Coors Light Brand

For Coors Light, winning the hearts and minds of men aged 21-34 means serving up a different kind of brew that combines the excitement of the NFL and the reach of Facebook. The official beer of the NFL has worked … Continue reading

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A square on Foursquare

I finally did it: after resisting peer pressure to complicate my life with another social media application, I joined Foursquare. (Is that what you do?  “Join” Foursquare? “Fan” Foursquare?)  After all, I work for Razorfish, a company that took pride … Continue reading

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Rethinking marketing for the digital age

This blog post comes to you live from the Forrester Research Marketing Forum 2010 held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles. (So please excuse any typos.) After Christine Overby of Forrester sets the stage, David Cooperstein asserts … Continue reading

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Black Friday means social shopping

With the U.S. economy reeling, holiday shoppers have been the focus of heightened scrutiny. Will they turn out in droves in the wee hours on Black Friday and spend lavishly, or will they cave into recessionary fears and pinch their … Continue reading

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Two lessons from the Avenue A | Razorfish Client Summit

On May 14-15, I helped my employer Avenue A | Razorfish organize its 8th annual Client Summit in New York. Each year at this event, company executives, guest speakers, and clients discuss the state of the art in digital marketing. … Continue reading

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