November, 2007 Archive

My Black Friday odyssey

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

I awoke with a start at 2:50 a.m. I lay awake in the darkness of my quiet home acutely aware of a vow I'd made yesterday over Thanksgiving dinner to experience Black Friday first-hand -- not just vicariously through breathless media reporting, but in person with the shoppers and retailers in ...

Now that's what I call superhype, part 1

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Let's hear it for JCPenney and Kohl's -- open at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday 2007, selling the same old stuff . . . . oops, I mean SALE! SALE! SALE-ing some incredible values. I see that Burlington Coat Factory opens at 7:00 a.m. What whimps.

Have you embraced immersive marketing?

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Forrester Research analyst Shar VanBoskirk recently asked whether the future of marketing might be "immersive marketing," or creating an all-encompassing brand experience across any channel where the consumer lives. The answer is a definitive yes. My employer Avenue A | Razorfish completed a Digital Consumer Behavior Study in 2007 ...

What can marketers learn from dumb luck?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

About 30 years ago, an unknown movie director named Steven Spielberg was in the throes of despair. He had been entrusted with filming a best-selling novel about a shark that terrorizes a town in Martha's Vineyard, and everything was going wrong. The movie was over budget. The on-location shoot was a ...

Build a kitchen on your laptop at

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Let's say you're thinking of buying a new espresso machine but you're not sure how it will look in your kitchen. You might turn to, where you can drag and drop Breville products like juicers, coffee makers, and toasters inside your own customizable kitchen countertop.  Designed with my employer ...

Marketing rant: long freaking book titles

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Alas, one of life's great pleasures -- browsing through book titles at the store without buying anything -- is becoming a chore thanks to the publishing industry's insistence on writing the entire jacket copy on the title page.  Just making your way through the nonfiction section is enough to create ...

What a televangelist can teach you about multichannel marketing

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Industry pundits like Forrester Research continue to urge their clients (correctly) to think in terms of multichannel marketing and retailing.  Consumers expect a seamless experience from your brand anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and we have the power to say no to companies that fall short of our expectations.  So who provides ...

Carnival calling

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Carnival Cruise Lines once again shows why it's the travel industry's most savvy marketer. In July 2007, Carnival worked with my employer Avenue A | Razorfish to launched Funship Island, an immersive world where you can get a virtual taste of a real Carnival vacation experience, such as sliding ...

Long road out of Wal-Mart

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

While the blogosphere was doting on Radiohead's digital release of In Rainbows, the Eagles were making their own attempt to sidestep the recording industry with the release of Long Road out of Eden. But I'm not so sure I get the Eagles' approach. For its first studio recording ...